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The Brownston Gallery is one of Devon’s finest contemporary art galleries representing both established and emerging artists, nurtured and inspired by the magnificent landscapes and seascapes, and the unique way of life found in this most beautiful part of the world.

John Hurford : Nature Paintings

John Hurford’s wild botanical paintings are a riot of colour. Full of beautifully drawn flowers and plants which intertwine across the canvas, some in glorious bloom, others slightly decaying around the edges, you are drawn into a world of magic and mystery. Every time you look, you will see something different: a small bird suddenly appears, peeking out from behind a leaf; a fat bumble bee burrows ever deeper into the folds of a wild rose; delicate gossamer wings appear in the background – or perhaps they are the bones of a small animal, bleached by the sun.

In the 1960s John Hurford was a leading Psychedelic Artist who inspired a generation of young people with his beautiful and completely original illustrations for underground publications such as Oz, International Times and Gandalf’s Garden, as well as a host of record labels and covers.

Today, inspired by the lush countryside and overgrown hedgerows surrounding his farmland home in North Devon, he is captivating a new audience with these glorious, sumptuous canvases.

“John Hurford: Nature Paintings” is on at The Brownston Gallery, Modbury from 9 to 22 July. Private View Thursday 6th July. Contact the gallery for further information.


Barry Kelly – Sunny Sands. Stormy Seas

4-19 August

In this his first major solo exhibition, talented young artist Barry Kelly takes us on a journey round the coast and countryside of South Devon revisiting old childhood haunts and seeing them anew through the eyes of his young son.

Born and brought up in Ivybridge and a graduate of the University of Wales, Barry captures beautifully the many different aspects of a South Hams summer. “Beautiful, full-sun skies radiating heat and light across the bay. I love seeing how it brings out turquoise and greens, making our waters seem wonderfully inviting and refreshing. In stark contrast, huge, heavy clouds form quickly after a period of good weather. The atmosphere changes as the clouds gather and turn the sea even greener. When the rain finally comes, it creates beautiful patterns on the surface of the water, seen at its best when you are in it, bobbing around, feeling completely immersed”.
Each painting starts with a simple handmade sketchbook, filled with notes and drawings. Barry records what he can see, hear, feel, smell and even taste when the sea spray is really splashing high. He then goes back to his studio where he begins the long process of applying gesso, glazes, textures and script into the wet paint until he has painted his way back to the sea.
This is a sumptuous collection, full of texture and emotion. Made with love and joy.


Julie Ellis – Inner Landscapes 

15 September-7 October

Julie Ellis is an exciting young artist who is fast making her mark. A recent graduate from Plymouth College of Art, Julie has found her true vocation in painting. Her hauntingly beautiful oil paintings tell stories where fables and memories collide. Past and present intermingle in the hazy light where the tangible remains fleeting and unattainable. Her skill lies in her ability to draw the viewer into each piece, to explore a new landscape and to discover new places and memories. Her work is ambiguous, intriguing and totally inspiring.


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