Local Services

From taxi companies to ferry services, estate agents to grocers, please find below a number of mostly smaller, local businesses offering services that may be of use to you during your visit to, or stay in, Salcombe and the South Hams.

Car Parks in & around Salcombe

Want to know where the Car Parks are ? when is the Park & Ride open ? how do we purchase a weekly parking ticket. This has all the information you n...

Ferry Services

For timetables and other ferry information on East Portlemouth Ferry, South Sands Ferry or Rivermaid please pop into the TIC or visit their websites.

Local Church Information

Local Church service information , special events and contact details.

Luxury Private Hire

Local & Long Distance Taxi, Weddings & Private Hire

Other Local Services

Here you'll find details of Salcombe's local supermarkets to Estate Agents, Creche to Car body repairers!


Need a Salcombe-Totnes train station taxi transfer? Want to hop over to Hope Cove? Well look no further than our Taxi providers for a friendly, efficien...

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The South West Coast Path is Britain’s best-loved walk so get your walking boots on and start planning your next Salcombe & South Devon walking holiday (Psst…we’ve made it easy here to narrow down the best places to stay during your next Salcombe and South Devon walking holiday)!

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