Top 5 locations to eat your fish & chips | Salcombe TIC

When staying in Salcombe and the surrounding area, fish and chips is a must have whether you are having them for lunch, in a local pub for dinner, or as a snack whilst strolling around the town. We have provided you with our top 5 favourite spots to enjoy this tasty meal!

Cliff House Gardens

3 tiers of beautiful gardens overlooking the picturesque water and beaches, a great spot to watch the boats sail by and enjoy your fish and chips with a breathtaking view. Located at the top of town, there is no need to drive to this spot, you can pick up your fish and chips and stroll to these gardens. With 3 tiers of gardens, you can either stay near the top and have a full view of the water, or head down to the lower levels and find a spot on one of the benches.



Batson is a walkable distance from town, but usually has a much calmer and peaceful vibe. If you have been spending your day in the busy hustle of Salcombe town shopping and exploring, then this spot provides a great opportunity to have some lunch and unwind to regain your energy. This location is great when the tide is in as there is a bench half way down which you can watch the calm water and have your fish and chips.


Although this one is walkable distance from town, you can also drive and park your car here. This is a fantastic coastal walk with incredible views of Salcombe and the surrounding area. In Spring, during this walk you can see lots of baby lambs in the nearby fields which is lovely. You can do a full loop around the headland, make sure to take some panoramic pictures of Salcombe on sea!

Sunny Cove

One of the furthest beaches across the water, this one requires a boat to get to, and you must make sure the tide is right to be able to get on this beach. With its clear blue water and beautiful views from this sandy cove, you can see right across the water to South Sands Beach. The sun stays on this dreamy cove for the longest period compared to other beaches, so you can enjoy your fish and chips whilst watching the sun go down. This is one of our favourite spots to eat your fish and chips!

North Sands

North sands is a walkable distance from town if you are looking for a nice spot to enjoy your hot fish and chips whilst watching the waves gently break on the shore. There is plenty to see on this spot, with many families spending the whole day enjoying this fantastic beach. We recommend this spot when you fancy some fish and chips for lunch as the sun will leave this spot in the evening.